Gearbox Parts in Warrington

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Gearbox Parts in WarringtonGenuine gearbox parts in Warrington may be hard to come by. Transmission and gearbox are used synonymously but the two are not the same. The gearbox is the main component of a vehicle’s transmission system. The main function of this system is to allow the car to move. In the gearbox, the gears are the parts that control the direction and speed with which a vehicle moves. The transmission system of a vehicle can be manual, automatic or semi-automatic. All of these transmission systems share some similarities but they run differently. At Tameside Transmissions we hold vast knowledge in the workings of all transmission systems. We specialise in repairing, replacing and servicing all the parts of a transmission system.

For vehicle owners in Warrington, gearbox parts should only be purchased once the problem has been found. When it comes to a manual transmission system, there are particular components that often malfunction. In a faulty manual transmission system, cluster gears, synchronisers and the main shaft gears are normally the culprits. More often than not, a faulty transmission system requires complete replacement. Due to the interdependence of all the components, one faulty part may mean several components are faulty. The functioning of an automatic transmission system is complex. Mechanical and hydraulic systems form the pillar of an automatic transmission system. These two components work synergistically to change gears and automatically change the speed of a vehicle. At Tameside Transmissions we can do a complete overhaul of a transmission system regardless of the type. We are fully equipped to carry out any complex repairs.

For genuine gearbox parts in Warrington come to Tameside Transmissions. We are among the leading companies in the repair and replacement of gearboxes and other transmission components. We have years of experience in the gearbox service industry. Our reputation is matchless and our services are revered. We install genuine gearboxes at reasonable prices. Our garages are fully-equipped with the latest technology for the repair and servicing of transmission systems. Contact us today and get your transmission fixed. We offer top quality services.