Clutch in Rochdale

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Clutch in RochdaleWe are the transmission and gearbox specialist you want for your clutch in Rochdale. That’s all we do and we do it very well. We can repair your clutch, rebuild it or install a new one according to your wishes. Now we know some car owners want a garage mechanic that can diagnose and repair or replace every car part. We could do that but we don’t.  By focusing on clutches and gearboxes we give our customers the benefit of an efficient and specialised service not equalled by most all around garage services. The clutch and gearboxes have many parts with intricate movements and they can be very costly when undertaken by someone for whom such repairs are not daily happenings. They will take more time to do the job and that alone jacks up your labour costs.

We do supply reconditioned clutches ready for your car. In Rochdale, your clutch can be installed by our mechanics, your local mechanic or you yourself. We supply anywhere in the UK at prices that can’t be beaten by anyone. That’s clutches for automatic, manual and 4X4’s. All our products carry a warranty and trades customers receive a discount. Now, if you happen to have a high performance car you like to test out on the track and your clutch needs tweaking bring it to us. You’ll be moving through the gears like a knife through butter. We include differential and axle repairs in our sphere of expertise. We know transmissions and clutches.

We know the symptoms that lead to solutions for clutch repair in Rochdale. Unusual noises when you change gears is a major concern and should never be ignored. More subtle symptoms is a little slippage when changing into another gear and that can go on for a long time but don’t wait. At the first sign of slipping contact us and let us check your clutch. You may be adept at shifting with smooth, no jerking precision. But if your clutch jerks anyway, don’t delay. The longer you wait the more chewed up it gets and the costlier the repair. One small part timely replaced can save you a bundle on a rebuild.