Automatic Gearbox in Salford

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Automatic Gearbox in SalfordFor maintenance and repairs of your automatic gearbox in Salford, Tameside Transmissions is the place for you. We got into the business more than 20 years ago and have been going strong ever since. The workshops that we have in Droylsden are equipped with proper gearbox and clutch fitting and rebuilding facilities. This includes a sufficient number of service ramps. What this means for our customers is quick but efficient service, with turnaround time being reduced for many of our jobs. Since we’ve been around since 1994, you can be sure that the service we render only keeps getting better.

Several signs can indicate that your system is compromised. In Salford, an automatic gearbox may have a lack of response and refuse to go into gear. This is a transmission-based issue and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible as not doing so could have dire consequences. Another sign that can tell you your gearbox is due for a fix is when there is a fluid leak. With automatic gearboxes, automatic transmission fluid is what lubricates, seals and acts as a hydraulic fluid. Having it leak causes the engine to ultimately stop working. When your car starts to shake or when the gear starts to wiggle before it settles on the selected gear, it is a sign that your gearbox needs some work done. Delaying the process could cause he problem to get worse. Gears slipping are another indication and are probably the most dangerous situation. You wouldn’t want to have your car slipping to neutral when you’re on the move as this could cause a serious accident. Whatever the case, regular car servicing can help prevent such instances from happening, as they will be detected early.

If you’re in need of services on your automatic gearbox in Salford, do not hesitate to contact Tameside Transmissions today. We’ll provide a free quotation and help you organise how you can get the car to us if you are unable to do so. Manual gearbox servicing and a range of other transmission services are also on offer at our garage.