Transmission Problems in Audenshaw

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Transmission Problems in AudenshawWhen you notice transmission problems in Audenshaw, don’t ignore them or put off repairs for another day. Bring your vehicle in to us at Tameside Transmissions for a swift, comprehensive and cost-effective solution to your problems. Your vehicle’s transmission consists of hundreds of inter-connected pieces of equipment and parts that are in constant motion when you drive. The friction, heat and rubbing against other connected internal and external components result in natural wear and tear. This causes more damage to this part of your engine as compared to other simpler parts. Some of the most common symptoms that indicate that you may have a problem with the transmission include: shifting delays, slipping, grinding, jumping during acceleration, car shaking (regardless of speed), burning smell, fluid leaks, strange noises (knocking, whistling, screeching), thick and cloudy transmission fluid on dipstick and manual transmission gear shift stiffness.

Any of these problems could indicate that your vehicle needs immediate attention. In Audenshaw, transmission problems that are not attended to immediately can result in huge expenses later. Gear box repair and replacement can be one of the most expensive, big-ticket repairs that you have to undertake. Hence, getting minor problems or symptoms checked out immediately can save you a bunch of trouble later. Without an optimally functioning transmission system, your vehicle will be almost impossible to handle. It can even destroy your engine, endanger the safety of passengers and cause huge inconvenience.

Transmission problems in Audenshaw and neighbouring areas can be handled by our expert team of professionals. For transmission problems solutions, contact Tameside Transmissions. With more than two decades of experience, we have earned the reputation for being the first choice for clutch and gearbox repairs in the region. With our combined experience, expertise, skill and knowledge, we can undertake the full range of gear box and clutch services. Our professionals are equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair tools and purpose-built ramps, to handle automatic and manual gearboxes, van gearboxes, diffs, gearbox parts and also axles and clutches. We also offer emergency services, premium fitting and rebuilding services. Pick up and delivery services are available for a nominal charge.