Clutch Repair Service in Romiley

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Clutch Repair Service in RomileyA clutch repair service in Romiley from Tameside Transmissions will resolve any issues you are having with your clutch. There are a few warning signs that indicate that your clutch may need to be repaired or replaced. If you know these signs you can address the problem before it becomes an expensive repair. One of these is a burning smell and smoke from the bottom of the vehicle. Typically riding the clutch in slow moving traffic causes this. The clutch is overheating and can damage the clutch plate. Your vehicle could be slipping out of gear, another indicator that the clutch could need to be repaired. It may also be hard to press the clutch, or you may find the clutch does not disengage. Typically this means you have a problem with your hydraulic fluid.

If you are experiencing any problems with your clutch, in Romiley clutch repair service is one of there services performed by Tameside Transmissions. We have been operating in the area for more than 20 years and our technicians are very experienced. They are able to repair both manual and automatic transmission systems. We have 10 ramps at our workshop in Droylsden and this means we can provide a fast and efficient service. If your car cannot be driven, we can assist. For a small fee, we will collect your car from anywhere in the North West.

At Tameside Transmission we are passionate about providing a clutch repair service in Romiley and the surrounding areas. Our engineers love to tinker and recondition gearboxes and this is what you will find them doing when they are not working on the cars of customers. If you are not local to the area, we can send you a gearbox to be fitted by your local mechanic. Call us today to book your car in for repairs or to discuss your requirements. Our prices are competitive and we will match your best local quote. If you are in the trade, we will even offer you a significant discount. If your clutch or gearbox gives you any problems, Tameside Transmission is at your service.