BMW Automatic Gearbox Repair in Cheadle

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BMW Automatic Gearbox Repair in CheadleBMW automatic gearbox repair in Cheadle is done efficiently and expertly by Tameside Transmissions. We are passionate about what we do at Tameside. If we are not repairing a car on one of our ramps you’ll find us reconditioning a gearbox. Our expert technicians repair and recondition both automatic and manual gearboxes. If you need your gearbox replaced, they will happily do so. For customers further afield we can send you the gearbox you need, anywhere in the country. Your local mechanic can then fit it. Our reconditioned gearboxes carry a full warranty for your peace of mind. Our competitive pricing will impress you. If you are from the trade you qualify for further discounts.

If you are experiencing problems with your transmission in Cheadle, BMW automatic gearbox repair is available from Tameside Transmisson. There are some warning signs that there could be a problem with your gearbox. Firstly your “check engine” light could come on. This should not be ignored. You may notice oil on your driveway or garage where you park your car. If it is bright red or clear it could be transmission fluid. Your clutch may be slipping and it could be difficult to put your car into gear. These are some of the indicators that there is a problem with your gearbox. Addressing them as soon as they occur could save you costly repairs in the future. Rather let us check your car and address the problem early. Keeping your gearbox in good working order makes good sense.

If you are having problems with your transmission and need BMW automatic gearbox repair in Cheadle, remember Tameside Transmission. We have many years of experience and have all the necessary equipment to repair and recondition gearboxes. We offer a number of related services such as the repair of clutches. If you have a high performance vehicle, we can assist you with clutch and gearbox modifications. Contact us today and speak to a friendly team member. When you have a problem with your transmission or gearbox we will have the solution for you.