Need a Transmission Repair in Dukinfield?

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Need a Transmission Repair in Dukinfield?What are some warning signs that indicate you need a transmission repair in Dukinfeld? Every vehicle will require a transmission repair at some point or another. This means your transmission may require servicing, repairing, rebuilding or replacing. This depends on the age of the vehicle and how long it has been driven. Fortunately, your vehicle will give tell-tale signs indicating it needs transmission repair. Some of these signs include problems with shifting gears, shimmying or grinding between gears, unusual whines or noises, cloudy or burnt transmission fluid, burning odour and leaking transmission fluid.

If your car in Dukinfeld needs a transmission repair, then consider coming to Tameside Transmission. Our company was established two decades ago and is the leading choice for gearbox and clutch repairs in Manchester. Our team of transmission mechanics draw on their 40-plus years of experience to offer you a wide range of transmission services that address all issues related to manual and automatic gearbox problems. We have a workshop in Droylsden that specialises in clutch fitting and rebuilding and gearbox facilities. Since we have multiple service ramps, we offer quick and efficient turnaround times on most tasks. If your vehicle breaks down at the side of the road and you are unable to bring in your vehicle, we will gladly collect it for you for a nominal fee using our car recovery services.

If you’re experiencing problems in shifting gears, hearing unusual noises and or smelling a burning odour from the engine, you likely need a transmission repair in Dukinfield. Give Tameside Transmissions a call today to obtain a free, no obligation quote for any transmission repair that needs to be done on your vehicle.  Ensure you have the make, model, year of manufacture, fuel type and other pertinent information at the ready. We recently opened our brand new, purpose-built facility. We have increased our capacity to 10 ramps and we have improved our service for local motorists who need gearbox or emergency clutch repairs. We also offer fully reconditioned manual and automatic gearboxes for sale at competitive prices. All our reconditioned gearboxes are available with a full warranty.