Our Experts Can Assist With Your Automatic Gearbox in Denton

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Automatic Gearbox in DentonIf your automatic gearbox in Denton is no longer functioning, we can assist. Replacing an automatic gearbox is a complex and time-consuming process that involves several steps. Let’s take a look at a general overview of the process. First, the vehicle is lifted onto a hydraulic lift, allowing the mechanic to access the underside of the car. Next, the transmission fluid is drained from the gearbox and the driveshaft is removed. The gearbox is then unbolted from the engine block and carefully lowered from the vehicle. This step requires precision, as the gearbox is a heavy component and must be handled carefully to avoid damaging other parts. Once the old gearbox is removed, the mechanic will install the replacement gearbox.

For our clients in Denton, an automatic gearbox repair service may be hard to come by. This is where we come in. Let’s take a look at how the new replacement gearbox is installed. The gearbox is carefully lifted into place, and the bolts are tightened. Next, the driveshaft is reconnected, and the transmission fluid is refilled to the correct level. The mechanic will also test the transmission for proper operation, including checking for any leaks. He will also ensure that the vehicle shifts smoothly through all gears. Finally, the vehicle is lowered off the lift, and road-tested to ensure that the new gearbox is functioning correctly. It’s worth noting that the process of replacing an automatic gearbox can vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. In some cases, additional steps may be required, such as replacing the clutch or torque converter.

If you are looking for services that cover automatic gearboxes in Denton, we’ve got you covered. We offer gearbox repairs in the Greater Manchester area, and we’ve been established since 1994. With over 23 years of experience in the industry, we have expanded and added four additional ramps in a new building. This brought the total to 10, enabling us to offer same-day clutch and gearbox repair services for most models. We also provide a trade discount to help other garages carry on with their services. On top of that, we offer a small cost pick-up service for broken down cars. The company’s recon boxes and clutches come with a full warranty of 12 months plus. Contact us today if you are having automatic gearbox problems. We’ll be right there to pick up your car.