DSG Repairs in Oldham – Completed by an Expert Team

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DSG Repairs in Oldham For the best DSG repairs in Oldham, remember the experts. If your vehicle is experiencing loss of drive, missed gears on selection, no reverse gear, or if you struggle to change gears, it is possible that your vehicle needs DSG repairs. A DSG gearbox is the same as the Audi S Tronic gearbox. In a nutshell, a DSG transmission system uses a dual clutch, multiple shaft gearbox mechanism. Thus, this allows it to shift gears faster. Most faults are a result of a failure of the mechatronics unit. As such, all the faults require specialist skills, tooling, and diagnostic equipment to ensure the correct repairs. We can assist.

You may hear odd noises and feel vibrations and knocking sensations when you drive your vehicle. Thus, in Oldham, DSG repairs may be necessary. Bring your vehicle to our garage and our experts will provide an assessment. We will start a diagnostic test, especially if you can still drive your car. Your vehicle may have a clutch issue. A DSG gearbox has 2 clutch packs. One is for the odd numbered gears and the other for the even number gears of your vehicle. If either has damage, it will be necessary to replace the clutch. However, your vehicle may have a mechatronics unit that requires attention. This unit handles your gear selection. If the repairs sound a little challenging, don’t worry. Our experts can identify the cause of the problem and repair it.

DSG repairs in Oldham may require replacement parts. The clutch may need replacing. In addition, the mechatronics unit also may need replacing. We can provide the right DSG repairs for your vehicle. As such, we only use excellent quality parts. Furthermore, our experts have years of experience in the repair of different types of transmissions, including DSG gearboxes. For more details on how we can assist, contact Tameside Transmissions right away. We are also happy to provide a free quote for the repair work. Furthermore, if you are unable to drive your vehicle because of the faults, give us a call. We can collect your vehicle from your home. We’re proud of our excellent reputation and continue to provide a first class service to all our clients.