Excellent Quality Clutch Replacement in Salford for Your Vehicle

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Clutch Replacement in Salford You may need to consider a clutch replacement in Salford if your manual transmission is starting to give trouble. In general, manual transmission vehicles are more reliable than automatic vehicles. However, the clutch is the weak link in the former. It takes a majority of the wear and tear. Every time you shift your clutch, you engage and disengage it. As such, in heavy traffic, stop-and-go driving wears out the clutch quite quickly because the clutch pedal is constantly in use. Some signs of a malfunctioning clutch include chatter noise and slipping. Other clutch issues may arise from transmission oil leakage, oil contamination from the engine and a faulty hydraulic linkage. You can expect any of these clutch problems to occur after the first 100,000km.

If your vehicle needs attention, we’re available to help. Thus, in Salford, a clutch replacement is one of our services. You’ll find that our garage is the garage of choice for all gearbox and clutch repairs. Our expert mechanics are available to assist. As such, we offer a wide range of quality transmission services that address both manual and automatic gearbox issues. This also includes diffs, clutches, axles, gearbox parts and van gearboxes. At our Droylsden workshop is where we have our clutch rebuilding and fitting facility. There you will find service ramps, ensuring a fast turnaround time for most jobs. In addition, we also supply all the necessary clutch parts, even for high performing vehicles. All the clutches we provide have a full warranty.

If your clutch is slipping or making a chattering noise, it likely needs a clutch replacement in Salford. If you find that your car is struggling to change gears, or there is a grinding noise when you try, it could be a clutch problem.  You also may find that the clutch feels spongy and gives easily. If you experience any of these issues, contact Tameside Transmissions. As such, we can provide a quality clutch replacement. We also offer emergency, same-day clutch repair and fitting services. If you are unable to bring in your vehicle, we will gladly bring it in for a nominal charge.