Transmission Problems in Dukinfield? Rely on the Experts

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Transmission Problems in DukinfieldDon’t neglect transmission problems in Dukinfield. Attend to them as quickly as possible, but ensure that you select the right experts for the job. Not all garages specialise in this sector. They may not have the competence or the equipment to complete the job perfectly. With more than two decades’ experience in this sector, we are proud of our reputation for reliability, quality and cost effective services. Our mechanics have a combined experience of more than 40 years. This gives us the confidence that there’s virtually no problem that we can’t fix. We cover everything from manual and automatic transmission to van gearboxes, diffs, gearbox parts, axles clutches and more. We undertake repairs and replacement works.

If left unattended in Dukinfield, transmission problems can pose a risk to safety. Your engine will have overheating problems. The transmission system is connected by many moving parts and these can get damaged along with the transmission. You will have to spend huge amounts of time and money on getting these problems fixed. That is why our expert mechanics recommend that you attend to these issues as soon as you notice them. Some of the symptoms are easy to spot. You may find the transmission slipping, or rough shifting of gears. Clunking, thudding or creaking sounds indicate a problem with the gearbox. Delayed response during gear shift, and your check engine light coming on are important indicators.

Transmission problems in Dukinfield could also be signalled by fluid leaks. This could be in tandem with poor transmission and slipping gears. Ignoring transmission fluid leaks can seriously damage your engine. Your vehicle could break down, causing inconvenience and risk to safety. We can carry out repairs of both manual and automatic gearboxes. We also offer reconditioned gearboxes to customers anywhere in the UK. They are ready for full fitting or supply. You will be delighted to find that our prices are competitive. Contact Tameside Transmissions for assistance. Our team can diagnose, identify and locate the problem using state-of-the-art equipment. Why risk an engine transmission failure when you’re rushing off to a meeting?