Manual Gearbox in Oldham

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Manual Gearbox in OldhamFor all issues with your manual gearbox in Oldham, get in touch with Tameside Transmission. We are a family-owned, family-run business that has been operational since 1994. Over the decades, we have built a robust reputation for excellent quality, reliable workmanship, affordable pricing and a customer-centric approach. Being a local business, we have established enduring ties in the local communities. Along with this, we give our clients access to the best of trends, technologies and products available across national and international markets. We ensure that we stay abreast of all the new developments in our sector so that we can pass on the benefits to our customers. Today, we’re proud to have a total of 10 ramps which allows swift turnaround and same day services for gearbox repairs. Trade discounts are available for your garage too. Another great service we offer is a pick-up for breakdowns.

For motorists in Oldham, manual gearbox services include repair and reconditioning services for all makes and models of clutches and gearboxes. We offer fully reconditioned manual gearboxes for sale at very attractive prices, along with fitting services and supply to any location within the UK. All these gearboxes come with full warranty and trade clients get discounts. Problems and issues with manual gearboxes should be attended to as soon as they’re noticed. Any delay can cause further damage, leading to more expenditure and inconvenience later. A small repair or tweaking of certain parts can easily solve the problem if you bring your vehicle in early. Some of the common signs and symptoms of gearbox malfunction include lack of responsiveness, grinding or shuddering, shaking of the vehicle, rattling sounds, and excessive noise while in neutral. In severe cases, slipping of gears is noticed.

You may also notice things like transmission fluid leaks from your manual gearbox in Oldham. Unusual smells, dash lights coming on, whistling sounds, and difficulty in engaging gears. All these are warning signs that something’s not right. You need to get a thorough check-up done as soon as possible. Contact us for assistance  with your manual gearbox.  All our work is guaranteed since our workforce is highly experienced, knowledgeable and professionally qualified.