Gearbox Parts in Salford

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Gearbox Parts in SalfordBuy top quality gearbox parts in Salford from Tameside Transmissions. We have been providing premium services in this sector for more than twenty years. Started by two enterprising local lads, the business has grown by leaps and bounds. Today we have 10 ramps that enable fast turnover and same day service for clutch and gearbox issues on most makes and models. We also offer trade discounts to garages which they can use to service their own customers. If your car can’t be driven to our facility, we can tow it up for you at a small additional charge. All our recon box and clutch work comes with a 12 month guarantee. We’re proud of our highly-experienced and skilled team that has been with us for more than 15 years and are very much a part of the Tameswide ethos and commitment to professional excellence. If you need emergency clutch or gearbox repairs, our Droylsden workshop is fitted with state-of-the-art repair facilities for a quick and efficient service.

When the damage is minor and it’s worth fixing, we ensure that in Salford, gearbox parts are of top quality and affordable price. In manual gearboxes, there are many parts that can malfunction, given the complexity of the operations. Because it’s operated manually, driving habits and driving conditions have a major impact. Our services include servicing and repairs of manual and automatic transmission gearboxes, specialist and high performance gearboxes and the full range of clutch repair services. We undertake a thorough inspection of the gearbox to diagnose the problem. If it is something that can be repaired or replaced, we provide you  with a detailed report and a quote. If the problem is beyond repair, you may have to completely replace the entire gearbox.

Buying gearbox parts in Salford depends on the type, make and model of vehicle. Gearbox repair is certainly not a job for DIY enthusiasts and should be left to an experienced, knowledgeable professional. Otherwise you could damage the gearbox and waste time, effort and money. If you are looking for top quality gear box parts, contact Tameside Transmissions. In automatic transmission, there are two separate systems- mechanical and hydraulic which must work in tandem.