Clutch in Stockport

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Clutch in StockportHow do you determine that there is a problem with your clutch in Stockport? There are several indications which signal there may be an issue with your clutch. The first indication is when your transmission slips and then comes out of gear. You may experience this if you are accelerating with a heavy load. This problem will seriously affect drivability. Another symptom of a problematic clutch is a hard clutch pedal. This may occur if the cable is stuck or jammed. If you step on it, the pedal resists movement. If you continue to step on the pedal, the cable will break, resulting in an inoperable pedal. Another symptom of a problematic clutch is when the pedal sinks. This is a very serious issue. If the clutch cable breaks or snaps, it will disconnect from the clutch link and will result in lack of resistance. You won’t be able to shift gears, meaning you will not be able to drive the vehicle. Where can you take your vehicle to remedy clutch issues?

If you live in Stockport, clutch problems can be examined and repaired by Tameside Transmissions. We have over four decades of experience in dealing with transmissions, clutches, gearboxes, axles and other vehicular parts. Our team of experienced mechanics will help restore the safety and drivability of your vehicle. Before clutch problems occur, they usually present warning signs or indications. For example, the clutch cable is quite simple in design and operation but when it doesn’t operate it can actually affect drivability. This is why if you feel something is amiss with your clutch, you should have it looked at by our team. Our mechanic will pinpoint the exact cause of the problem and help remedy it quickly so that you can get your car and independence back!

If your clutch appears to be slipping or is too loose, you may have problems with a loose clutch in Stockport. Give Tameside Transmissions a call today to have this issue looked at immediately. We will address the issue and ensure your vehicle is safe to drive.