Axle Repairs in Rochdale

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axle repairs in RochdaleThe best way to avoid axle repairs in Rochdale is to keep the axles maintained. Regular maintenance checks will reveal the condition of your axle and any repair needs. When your axle does eventually need repair, it’s often caused by bad bearings so axle repairs always include front and rear replacement of bearings. By attending to this maintenance and repairs you can avoid costly replacement of axles, especially the front drive axles which involve the transmission to the hub. Tameside Transmissions has 20 years of experience as transmission mechanics and that experience includes axles. Our state-of-the-art facility has 10 ramps so we can usually accommodate emergency repairs for our customers. Even for non-emergency repairs our turnaround time is quick because we’re well equipped to get your car repaired and back on the road quickly.

A wheel falling off your car is not the first sign of a faulty axle. If that happens to you in Rochdale, axle repairs should have been undertaken long ago. You will have been noticing a shimmy while driving your car and maybe wondered what caused that. When that happens bring your car in to us at Tameside Transmissions. We can put your car on the rack and a visual inspection will tell us if your drivetrain has issues. It’s too dangerous to put off needed repairs for yourself and others on the road. Since axles are in constant motion while driving your car it may surprise you to know they are built to last 80,000 miles or more depending on how gently the car is driven. If a car has been driven hard, the axle could go sooner. Before buying a used high mileage car bring it to us so we can check everything, including the axles before you buy.

Axle repairs in Rochdale and axle replacements are not do-it-yourself projects unless you are a highly skilled mechanic. Contact Tameside Transmissions if you notice grinding noises and shuddering as those are signs you need axle service. It’s not safe to drive that car until repairs are made. Your car won’t be out of service long and your car will be professionally repaired. All of our parts and labour are guaranteed because we only use high quality parts meant to last. We don’t skimp on customer service. We will collect your car and deliver it back after repairs if that’s what you need.