Manual Gearbox in Oldham

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manual gearbox in OldhamThere are many people driving a car with a manual gearbox in Oldham and they wouldn’t have it any other way. It is true that manual gearbox vehicles have decreased significantly in recent years, however, there are excellent resources available to ensure they work well. At Tameside Transmissions, our many decades of experience means that we can offer our customers excellent transmission services which include both manual and automatic gearbox problems. Problems with a manual gearbox are noticeable when your car makes strange noises and it not working the way it should. A car’s transmission is a complex mechanical system which experiences a lot of wear and tear, and we’ve seen too often how many problems can arise with your car if your transmission isn’t properly maintained.

A grinding sound when you shift gears lies within a transmission, and it is always best to get your gearbox problems diagnosed as soon as possible. In Oldham, manual gearbox problems could be accompanied by a burning smell coming from your car. This is a reason for concern because overheating transmission fluid can no longer keep your car parts lubricated and cooled. Without immediate attention, your transmission will eventually break down completely. At Tameside Transmissions, we are your North West transmission and gearbox specialists. Why not try us as we are always happy to match the best local quote you have?

A manual gearbox in Oldham does not need to be a cause for concern when you have our services and products to assist you. We do everything we can to ensure your car is always on the move. Contact Tameside Transmissions today if you need assistance with your manual gearbox. Our transmission services include clutch repairs and fitting, automatic and manual gearboxes, 4×4 vehicles as well as specialist and high performance gearboxes. Get a free quote from us, and we’re sure that like with all our customers, you’ll also want to add us to your contact list.