Automatic Gearbox in Salford

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Automatic Gearbox in SalfordTameside Transmissions have been in the business of repairing, rebuilding and replacing automatic gearbox in Salford for twenty years. We have skilled professionals for automatic and manual gearboxes. Our expertise extends to specialists and high performance gearboxes. For clutch, differential, axle or gearbox bring your vehicle to Tameside Transmission. We know it’s scary when you feel that transmission slip. You fear the cost of a brand new gearbox installation. Don’t worry because chances are your own gearbox can be repaired or rebuilt. If not, instead of a new replacement we can often replace it with a rebuild. The sooner you get the car into us the better the chances of repair. We’ll even collect your car for you. Our services extend to vans and any make and model of car.

If you need an emergency repair Tameside Transmissions can get your car in and out fast. In Salford, automatic gearbox repairs will be undertaken at our purpose-built facility where ten bays make it possible to move cars in and out quickly. It is here that we also have designated facilities for repairs and rebuilds. We don’t cut corners and all of our work and parts are guaranteed. A rebuild is not the same as pulling a used gearbox from the junkyard and fitting it into your vehicle. We take used gearboxes and return them to like new condition. Sometimes that is your only choice because not all vehicle manufacturers supply brand new gearboxes. If they do, rebuild is likely far less expensive.

An automatic gearbox in Salford is almost always worth repairing or rebuilding because your other option is to replace the car. Granted, you will not invest in a beater- with- a -heater but if the car looks and runs well, then the smart money’s on repair or rebuild. Call us or stop by Tameside Transmissions and tell us about any issues you are experiencing with your gearbox. Based on professional knowledge and years of experience we will offer you options and costs so you can make a final decision. If you want to know how to extend the life of your transmission, we will be glad to offer some tried and true tips.