Transmission Repairs in Manchester

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Transmission Repairs in ManchesterDiscovering your engine is seized is probably the worst news but transmission repairs in Manchester is a close second. A seized engine means a pricy engine swap but a new transmission can be very costly. At the first sign of trouble call Tameside Transmissions so we can make repairs while it is still possible. You know if the trans is slipping or grinding and you know it calls for immediate action if you want to avoid replacing the whole transmission. When the transmission goes you don’t even have a car to trade in for a newer model. When the cost of transmission replacement is more than the value of your car then that car is worth more to you than you can sell it for. That makes it worth keeping up with maintenance and repairs.

What sets Tameside Transmissions apart is specialisation. In Manchester, transmission repairs is what we have been specialising in for over 20 years. When the better choice is a reconditioned gearbox we offer a full warranty. If the problem is your clutch, we can offer same day fitting or we will just supply the parts to you. Either way, our clutches are fully warranted. We stock rebuilt axles and refurbished differential parts. When yours is beyond repair, we can replace it at great savings over new parts.

Our expert transmission repairs in Manchester extends to all makes and models of vehicles, including 4X4 and high performance racing vehicles. Call or stop by our new facility built specifically to expand to ten work bays. Now we can provide faster service for our customers. The new facility has plenty of space for our gear box refurbishment service. What we don’t use we ship out to other repair facilities. Contact Tameside Transmissions for transmission repairs. We offer a free no obligation quote. You will find our prices are competitive but our expertise is far superior because transmissions is all we do. Often vehicles with transmission problems can’t or should not be driven. It is likely we can tow your car into our shop for less than a commercial tow company charges.