Clutch Repairs in Stockport

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Clutch Repairs in StockportAs clutch repairs in Stockport require a skilled mechanic with specialised knowledge of transmissions and gearboxes,  you should make sure that you find the right garage to help you. There are many problems that can arise with a clutch, for instance, sometimes there is air that has penetrated in the hydraulics that affects the pressure. Another common problem is a broken or stretched clutch cable which will need to be adjusted to have the right amount of pressure to pull and push effectively.

For all vehicles in Stockport, clutch repairs are professionally done by Tameside Transmissions. If you are looking for a garage that can provide you with reasonable prices, quality services and efficient repairs, then you will be happy with our services. Our garage has been in operation for over 40 years and we have a team of specialists. You can rely on them for a job well done. If you are having any issues with your clutch, you can count on us to provide you with a quick inspection and if required, we can provide all the necessary parts and do a fitting on the same day. Should you prefer that we only supply the parts, that’s also possible. All the clutches that we provide our customers carry a full warranty and if you are looking for specialist clutches for high performance vehicles, please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to have them. The prices at which we offer our services and parts are the best and we are ready to match the best local prices.

For quick and efficient clutch repairs in Stockport, do contact Tameside Transmissions. We will be happy to assist you and provide the best services possible. For more details about our services or prices, please give us a call. Our workshops have ample space to fit in a number of vehicles and if you find yourself needing our immediate attention, you can count on us to help you as soon as possible.