Transmission Problems in Stockport, Expertly Dealt With by Professionals

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Transmission Problems in StockportHow do you respond to transmission problems in Stockport? Perhaps you are experiencing some changes when your automatic or manual transmission switches gears. It could be there is a slight delay after putting your car in gear before it moves. Maybe it’s hard to get it into gear at all or you can feel slippage when you shift. Have you been stopped at a red light and suddenly felt your car surge forward when you didn’t even touch the petrol pedal? You might even experience that while driving. Have you seen any stains from leaks recently on your driveway? How about that grinding noise that sounds like pieces of loose metal in your garbage disposal at home? That’s the sign that finally gets the attention of those who successfully ignore all the previous symptoms. By now your engine light is on as well.

If your response to these symptoms is to recite “oh please don’t be the transmission” repeatedly while you drive all the way to work in first gear, you are in denial. In Stockport, transmission problems can be caused by something as simple as a worn solenoid, gritty and dirty transmission fluid or even low transmission fluid. Those are easy fixes that don’t cost too much. But, they must be attended to right away because if not, those little problems will eventually result in big expenses. Imagine having to pay for a new or rebuilt transmission because you’ve ignored the warning signs for six months.

Drivers tune out the signs of  transmission problems in Stockport because they fear the cost of repairs. Yet, every day they continue to drive, knowing somethings not right with their transmission, they’re driving up the cost of repairs. At Tameside Transmissions, we have specialised in automatic and manual transmission service, repair and replacement for 20 years. Contact us at the first sign of transmission problems and bring your car in. We’ll isolate the problem quickly and carry out the necessary service or repair. If a replacement is necessary, we have a whole section set aside for rebuilding transmissions. Other mechanics from all over the UK buy them from us. Our prices are competitive but we’ll beat anyone’s price, value for value.