Transmission Problems in Salford

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Ignore transmission problems in Salford and elsewhere at your own risk! These issues must be attended to immediately to ensure safety, convenience and comfort. At Tameside Transmissions, we have more than two decades of experience in dealing with a host of transmission problems in a wide variety of vehicles of different makes and models. As a result we are proud of our well-deserved reputation for being the first choice for clutch and gearbox repairs in the Salford region and beyond. We ensure that such problems are identified early, accurately and completely, so that you can avoid larger problems and bigger expenses at a later stage. As an independent and local garage, we use our professional skills to give clients an objective diagnosis and genuine suggestions for repair that are not linked to any particular brand or company. Our technicians have more than forty years’ experience between them and their combined skills can address any type of gearbox or clutch problem.

For motorists in Salford, transmission problems can be caught early if you pay attention. If you experience transmission shifting delays, your vehicle pauses while shifting from park, or during forward motion, or while shifting into and out of first gear, these could be early warning signs. Other symptoms include the transmission slipping, grinding and/or jumping during acceleration, the car shaking at any speed and/or a burned smell coming from under the bonnet. You may also find fluid leaking from the vehicle, or hear whistling, creaking or screeching sounds, or find the gear manually hard to shift. The transmission fluid may appear thick and cloudy, with a foul smell, on the dipstick. These are signs that you should never dismiss or put off for another day.

If you need assistance with transmission problems in Salford, be sure to contact Tameside Transmissions. Our experienced, qualified and trained technicians are available to provide assistance whenever you need. We are equipped with the latest tools and state of the art equipment, and ramps to handle a variety of gearboxes. If you need emergency pick-up and drop-off services, we can provide these at a nominal charge. Premium fitting and rebuilding services for manual and automatic vehicles are also available.