Transmission Problems in Rochdale

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Transmission Problems in RochdaleDon’t ignore transmission problems in Rochdale – get them looked at ASAP by the specialists. Tameside Transmissions have been in operation for almost a quarter of a century. Today, we’re proud of our reputation for excellent quality, professional expertise, commitment to providing simple solutions and our sensible pricing options. What sets us apart from others in this sector is our passion for providing great customer service. Being a local enterprise set up by two local lads, we have strong ties in the community. Along with this we firmly believe in offering our customers the latest products, information, services and technology available across international markets. Today, we have a total of ten ramps and that ensures quick turnover and efficient, same day return on clutch or gearbox issues in most makes and models. We also offer trade discounts to garages, so they can focus on other services.

If you experience any of these symptoms: shifting delays, delayed vehicle response, transmission slipping, grinding, creaking or jumping while driving, the vehicle shaking at speed, burnt smell or leaking fluid, screeching or whistling sounds, manual transmission is stiff and difficult to move and/or dipstick shows thick and foul-smelling transmission fluid, you need to attend to these issues immediately. In Rochdale, transmission problems can cause inconvenient breakdowns and pose a safety risk to the vehicle and passengers. Your vehicle transmission consists of a large number of interconnected parts that are constantly in motion and contact with each other. They continuously get heated and undergo friction and that’s why the transmission is more liable to experience higher wear and tear than other parts of the vehicle. It’s crucial to locate and identify transmission problems early to avoid the large expenses, more time and effort involved in fixing them when the damage is already done. We provide emergency services for local motorists who may need clutch and gearbox repairs.

Our top-quality services for transmission problems in Rochdale are available in our new purpose-built facility where we provide repairs, rebuilding and replacement for manual and automatic transmissions. Should your car have transmission problems, contact Tameside Transmissions. If you need a collection, car-recovery or drop off services, we’re glad to be of assistance.