Gearbox Repairs in Salford

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Gearbox Repairs in SalfordFor gearbox repairs in Salford, call Tameside Transmissions. Even if another garage has told you the transmission in your car has to be replaced, it doesn’t hurt to get another opinion. Transmission replacement is one of the most expensive auto repairs car owner’s face. It’s the point when many will junk the car because the repair costs more than the car is worth. Don’t give up too quickly. We are all highly skilled here at Tameside Transmissions and gearbox repairs is one of our specialities along with rebuilds. Even if there is no saving the gearbox we might be able to save you some money by installing a rebuilt gearbox instead of new. It might be worth it to get more life out of your car.

We don’t mean to sound smug when we recommend you bring your car to us for a second opinion. It’s just that in Salford, gearbox repairs has been our speciality since we established Tameside Transmissions over twenty years ago. We enjoy a first-rate reputation in Manchester. We’ve grown so much during that time; even moved to a new facility and then expanded again so we have ten bays. All of our technicians have at least fifteen years’ experience. By specialising in transmissions our efforts are focused and we master the art of the gearbox and associated parts like axles and clutches. We put our resources into new technology, changes in years and models of cars and the specialised tools for a job done right.

Gearbox repairs in Salford are sometimes necessary and those we repair we guarantee. The best way to get long life and performance from your gearbox is showing some respect for the mechanism while driving, especially manual transmissions. Don’t wait for a small problem to become a big one. Contact us at the first sign or sound of slipping, clunking or grinding. There are a lot of small parts; could be just one of them needs replacing. Keep an eye on your fluids. Our speciality includes all manual, automatic and high-performance gearboxes. If your transmission blows while you’re on the road, just call us; we’ll come and get you and get your gearbox sorted out.