Transmission Problems in Oldham

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Transmission Problems in OldhamSigns that point to transmission problems in Oldham are oil leaks on your garage floor, a buzzing or whining noise and a dragging clutch. Your transmission is an important part of a manually-driven car. It enables power to travel from the motor or engine to the drive mechanism. It is the transmission’s role to ensure that the correct amount of power is sent to the wheels at the given speed.  A simple transmission is called a gear box because it contains a number of gear configurations. These gears work similar to a those fund on a multi-speed bike. For your vehicle to operate smoothly, you have to keep your transmission maintained, otherwise the vehicle will lose on fuel economy and perhaps not drive at all.

For manual car drivers in Oldham, transmission problems can be sorted out at Tameside Transmissions. We are the number one choice for gearbox and clutch repairs in Manchester. Tameside Transmission has been a part of the community for more than two decades. Our company is a group of seasoned engineers who draw on their 40 plus years of experience to provide you with a range of transmission services. Our goal is not to just fix everything and send you on your way. We want to make sure you get the best fuel economy and we want your transmission to work at its best for many years to come. As a result, we offer a comprehensive range of transmission services for both manual and automatic cars. These are van gearboxes, gear box parts, diffs, axles, clutch repairs and fittings and much more.

If your manual car just doesn’t seem to work with the same power as it used to, chances are it is experiencing transmission problems in Oldham. Give Tameside Transmission a call today to remedy this issue. As an independent and local garage, we are happy to provide top quality services at competitive prices. Bring your car to our garage and we will take a look and provide an affordable quote. We can offer a fast and efficient turnaround on most jobs, and this is because we have excellent gearbox and clutch fitting or rebuilding facilities, as well as multiple service ramps.