Transmission Problems in Manchester

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Transmission Problems in ManchesterTransmission problems in Manchester is one of the hardest to pinpoint and the easiest to make worse for do-it-yourselfers. Aside from checking your transmission fluids, we don’t recommend you mess around with the trans. Both automatic and manual have many parts but each works differently. You might have been able to take apart and repair the transmission in your ‘49 Ford but don’t try it in your 2017 BMW. At Tameside Transmissions, troubleshooting, repair, replace and rebuild is all we do. We have years of professional experience and we have found that the cheapest route to get your transmission working is through a professional. That said; if you have tried to make the repairs or replacement yourself and get stuck, call us. The vehicle will have to be towed in but we’ll tackle the project for you.

Our trade customers know they can rely on the twenty years of experience as transmission mechanics to supply them with rebuilt guaranteed transmissions and parts. In Manchester, transmission problems arise and the mechanic can rebuild and fit. Outside the area, we’ll ship them anywhere, fully warranted and with a discount for the trades. Included within our transmission expertise differentials, axles, gearbox parts, clutches and more. We are grateful to our loyal customers so we’ve built a new facility that makes room for ten ramps. This move gives up the opportunity to repair and refit transmission quickly; often in one day. We will pick up your vehicle for a small fee and you will find our prices competitive.

Maybe your transmission problems in Manchester stem from your need for speed and a fast response from your transmission. You have come to the right place because we specialise in high performance gearboxes. We will build a transmission for your car that will defy conventional thinking. Bring in that old car and we’ll get its transmission ready for the track. We have a dedicated work area just for rebuilding transmissions so we always have some that are ready to go. Contact us if you have transmission problems and we will let you know if a repair or rebuild is your solution over new. Most car owners will go this route rather than replacing with a new transmission. There is a significant cost difference between new and rebuilt. We can likely save you money.