Need a Garage for Clutch Replacements in Stockport?

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Clutch Replacements in StockportThe need for clutch replacements in Stockport can happen suddenly. Maybe a clutch cable breaks or a hydraulic cylinder fails. Worn bearings, damaged pressure plates and leaking cylinders are other common causes of clutch failure. You might notice early warning signs of a gradual failure, like a spongy or chattering clutch operation. It’s difficult to predict when clutch failure might occur since most are designed to last 60,000 but some will go 100,000. Yet others may need to be replaced at 30,000. Naturally, your driving habits contribute to the longevity of your clutch. Hard driving and riding the clutch will burn it out quickly. If you are driving on a replacement clutch, hopefully it’s durable and was expertly installed or it won’t last long. 

When you experience clutch failure, you want it replaced as fast as possible because you need your car. In Stockport, clutch replacements at Tameside Transmissions are timely and, more importantly, precisely and expertly carried out. Our business has been established for over twenty years. We are specialist transmission mechanics offering a comprehensive range of services for both automatic and manual transmissions. Our facility includes 10 ramps which allows for a quick turnaround for all work including clutch replacements. We supply new and reconditioned clutch replacements. Since there are multiple parts to a clutch, we can often make repairs. 

Clutch replacements in Stockport are not likely optional because you can’t drive around in one gear. If your clutch fails roadside, contact Tameside Transmissions and we will send a recovery vehicle to tow your car into our shop. We can also collect it from your home or work place. We will quickly notify you with the need and cost of the replacement or repair. You can count on that price being competitive for the work expertly carried out. Any changes and we’ll notify you ahead of time. Your total cost will be that which was quoted to you and approved by you. There are no hidden or add on fees. All parts and labour are guaranteed as is your customer satisfaction. We’re local and committed to providing the highest level of expertise to our customers.