Motorhome Gearbox Repairs in Ashton-under-Lyne

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Clutch Replacement in Stockport

Motorhome Gearbox Repairs in Ashton-under-LyneYou may need motorhome gearbox repairs in Ashton-under-Lyne if you start to hear a strange grating noise from your vehicle. We are so well respected that we have a nationwide clientele. Other garages buy reconditioned gearboxes from us to install into their clients’ vehicles. We have specialised in all aspects of transmission problems and repair and replace clutches and differentials as well as gearboxes. We deal with all faults in the transmission train. Our specialised workshop has been designed to deal with the rebuilding of clutches and gearboxes. We have built up a collection of the necessary tooling and machinery over the years and are now one of the most specialised workshops in the transmission business in the UK.

Over time the meshing and disconnection of the gears will lead to wear.  In Ashton-under-Lyne, motorhome gearbox repairs or replacement is simple. This can sometimes be severe depending on the pressure and power put onto the gears. They can chip teeth and wear. This causes then to become inefficient and they need some attention before they break and destroy the other gears in the gearbox. There is usually some warning before huge damage is done but not always. If the worst happens and your car refuses to move we can facilitate a collection by one of our recovery vehicles.

We offer the quickest turnaround for motorhome gearbox repairs in Ashton-under-Lyne. Contact Tameside Transmissions today and give us the make and model of your vehicle.  We specialise in repairing manual and automatic gearboxes.  Recently, we have opened a brand new facility which houses 10 ramps and allows us to increase the speed and efficiency of our service. We have over 25 years of experience in the transmission industry and are still expanding due to our reasonable pricing and reliable service. If your gearbox will be too costly to repair we can offer you a reconditioned gearbox if a new one is too expensive for your budget. Our reconditioned gearboxes come with a full 12-month plus warranty. Our technicians have all worked for the business for over 15 years proving their loyalty and dedication to the company and the customers.