Manual Gearbox Repair in Warrington

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Manual Gearbox Repair in WarringtonDid you get an honest written quote for your manual gearbox repair in Warrington? Is the quoted price higher than you feel comfortable with? Come to Tameside Transmissions and let us have a look at it. Chances are good we can beat the price. At Tameside Transmissions, we have a dedicated workshop just for gearbox repair and rebuilding. When we can’t repair your gearbox, one of our rebuilt ones will have you back on the road for less money than new without sacrificing quality. We have 10 ramps at our facility for emergency manual gearbox repair for the customer that needs a quick and efficient repair. Our transmission shop opened in 1994. The minimum time served by a mechanic at our shop is 15 years. We have a dedicated team with a combined experience of 40 years.

There are not as many people driving stick shift cars these days but the devoted minority is dedicated to the experience. Tameside Transmissions are here to make sure, in Warrington, manual gearbox repair is still available. Manual transmissions on newer cars differ from on older models, but we can repair or rebuild both. Driving a stick shift is fun because you feel engaged, like an integral component, with the driving process. Hard driving causes wear and tear on your manual transmission. If you ride the clutch all the time, you’ll eventually burn it out. Ram that stick into gear, skip gears and downshift to slow; you will bring problems with linkage slippage or a locked up gear shift. We know, it’s all part of the fun, especially for beginning drivers and late night racers.

Tameside Transmissions mechanics like to provide good customer service when you need manual gearbox repair in Warrington. We’ll collect your car if it isn’t driveable and we warranty our reconditioned gearboxes and clutches. Contact Tameside Transmissions if your manual transmission causes you problems. We will get it sorted out for you in short order and have you back on the road. Whether you need repair, rebuilt or new replacement, count on us for consistently high quality and customer loyalty at the lowest possible price. When you have questions about the performance of your transmission, call or come by. Our advice is free.