Manual Gearbox in Rochdale

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Manual Gearbox in RochdaleYou may need a manual gearbox in Rochdale if your gears are grating. We are an independent and local competitively priced gearbox specialist. We repair and refurbish gearboxes and have a large range of reconditioned gearboxes. These are sort after by garages all over the UK.  We have a workshop that has been especially designed for gearbox and clutch rebuilding. This, along with our multiple service ramps, allows us to offer a fast and efficient turnaround time on most jobs. Our capacity of 10 purpose built ramps has improved our service for local motorists who need emergency clutch or gearbox repairs.

The gearbox in your car is part of the drive train which provides power to the wheels of your vehicle. In Rochdale, manual gearbox repairs can be carried out quickly and at a reasonable price. If the gearbox proves to be badly damaged it may be a good idea to replace it with a reconditioned gearbox. The other parts that are linked to the gearbox include the clutch system and the differential and axles. All these parts work together and if one of them has a problem then the whole unit will stop working efficiently. Without immediate attention you are likely to do serious damage to the components which could prove to be very expensive to repair.

We can repair or supply a manual gearbox in Rochdale. Contact Tameside Transmissions today for all your vehicles clutch or gearbox problems. We have been one of the top gearbox specialists for more than 23 years and draw on over 40 years combined experience as transmission mechanics. Our staff have all been employed by us for a minimum of 15 years making a solid team of loyal workers who know and respect the Tameside Transmission ethos of quality. Our business has grown to the extent that we have had to install an extra 4 ramps in our new building. We offer a full 12 month plus warranty on reconditioned boxes and clutches and can collect your vehicle at a small cost if it has broken down.