Gearbox Repairs in Manchester

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Gearbox Repairs in ManchesterFew things cause car owners to drop to their knees in supplication like gearbox repairs in Manchester. The first time you feel that slippage or hear noise, your insides turn to liquid. That is especially true if your vehicle is an older model. You have to decide if the car is worth the cost of replacing the transmission if repair isn’t possible. Before you panic, call us at Tameside Transmissions. We specialise in the repair, rebuilding and replacement of transmissions. If the worst happens and you need a replacement, we rebuild transmissions that are good as new for a lot less money. Our rebuilds are fully guaranteed; parts and labour.

As an independent garage, we can save you money over dealer cost for repairs and replacement of gearboxes, clutches, axles and clutches. In Manchester, gearbox repairs are undertaken at Tameside by transmission specialists each with at least 15 years’ experience. We opened our business in 1994 to serve our local community. Our expertise includes manual and automatic, cars and vans. Tameside has a reputation for honesty in the industry and we’re proud and grateful for the confidence. Fair and honest service and prices is what you can expect when you bring your car to us. We won’t try to sell you on anything you don’t need. However, we won’t mince words when it comes to the safety of your car.

We have recently expanded our facilities at Tameside to ten ramps to provide quick gearbox repairs in Manchester. For most folks, being without their car is a hardship so sometimes we can offer same day repairs. If you can’t get the car in gear to drive it to us, we’ll come and pick it up. Don’t stress over gearbox repairs; contact Tameside Transmissions and bring your car in for a thorough and accurate troubleshooting to identify the problem and make the repairs. We don’t use cheap parts for our repairs but we use the most reliable at the best price. So cheer up! Your gearbox probably just needs a part replaced and we could have you back on the road today.