Keep Your Vehicle in Top Shape with Gearbox Repairs in Birkenhead

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Gearbox Repairs in BirkenheadGearbox repairs in Birkenhead may interrupt life for up to a quarter million drivers every year. Some of those gearboxes will need replacement but the majority can be repaired to perform like new. It’s not a repair you can put off very long or it could easily turn into a replacement. The gearbox is a costly component to repair or replace. Catch it early and the repair will cost about half what a replacement will cost. We know you feel that slip in the linkage going from first to second. You hear the grinding and feel the clutch chatter. Trust us because we are specialists; the gearbox will not get better if you ignore it.

You may wonder why you need a specialist for your gearbox instead of just an all-round mechanic. For manual and automatic cars in Birkenhead, gearbox repairs are labour intensive. There are many parts that make up the gearbox, which is the main component of your transmission. When it’s repaired or replaced, each gear has to be perfectly calibrated. We’re going to make all available options available to you when possible. We may be able to repair your gearbox by replacing some of the parts. If not, we will evaluate your transmission for rebuilding. There are differences among gearboxes of different car brands. We rebuild gearboxes of all types, automatic and manual, to maintain our own stock and to sell to others.

Very often, gearbox repairs in Birkenhead can be prevented with regular maintenance. Our specialist technicians can check your transmission for the frequent causes of repairs. A major cause of gearbox damage is insufficient lubrication and/or sludgy fluid. We drain and replace the fluid with the specific viscosity for your car, check for worn seals and plugs as well as leaks. Maintenance catches worn parts before they cause more damage which in most instances will prevent a breakdown. Contact Tameside Transmissions and schedule a maintenance check. At the first signs of trouble, bring your car to us. We offer options that can save you money and down time.