Gearbox Repair in Oldham

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Gearbox Repair in OldhamWe are specialists in gearbox repairs in Oldham and all over the UK. Over time your vehicles gearbox may begin to wear and this can cause the gears to chip. Once they start chipping the pieces of metal get between the teeth and cause further damage. Sometimes the damage is so great that you need a new or reconditioned gearbox so do not leave the problem, catch it early and we could save the gearbox and save you money. We have a workshop with all the necessary equipment for rebuilding clutches and gearboxes. The term transmission usually refers to the whole drive train including clutch, gearbox, prop shaft and differential. The gearbox adapts the output power from the engine to the drive wheels.

If you are having difficulty changing gears in your car you may need to check the transmission. In Oldham, gearbox repairs are our speciality and we keep a large stock of reconditioned gearboxes. We have customers from all over the UK who buy our gearboxes to fit in their customer’s cars. We offer a standard 12 month plus guarantee on all our reconditioned gearboxes and clutches. As well as repairing gearboxes we are also specialists in refitting and rebuilding clutches. We stock a wide range of parts that we use to repair the gearboxes. All of our technicians have been with us for at least 15 years making for a solid team of workers who can be trusted to provide an expert service.

We provide independent and competitively priced gearbox repairs in Oldham.  Contact Tameside Transmissions today or book your car in so that we can check the drive train in your car. We have over 23 years of experience in repairing and fitting gearboxes and clutches as well as differentials and axles. Our transmission mechanics have over 40 years of combined experience between them. We are expert in both manual and automatic gearbox repairs. We havebuilt an extra 4 ramps in our workshop to allow us to offer same day clutch and gearbox repairs on most makes of vehicle. We can collect your vehicle if it has broken down at a small fee and repair it at an affordable price.