Gearbox Parts in Rochdale

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Gearbox Parts in RochdaleWorried about getting quality gearbox parts in Rochdale? Get to one of the most experienced mechanics in the area to help you. We’ve been in the field for over 20 years, and rest assured, we will look at your gearbox and inform you of any urgent repair work, or if you need to replace it entirely. Don’t worry, we started trading since 1994, and we are still going strong! We’ve just added another four ramps to our facility, making it a total of 10 ramps, and our customers are all served by a solid team of technicians who are experts in their field.

Since we have a well-stocked facility and a team of quick and reliable technicians, we can turn around any type of job within the day itself. In Rochdale, gearbox parts have to be looked at by professionals, otherwise, faulty ones may halt your vehicle, preventing it from getting you to your destination. Whether you are experiencing issues with your gearbox such as it keeps stalling, or it’s not changing gear as it should, please bring your vehicle to Tameside Transmissions. Our workshops feature ample gearbox and fitting and rebuilding facilities. We offer both fully reconditioned manual and automatic gearbox, available at very competitive prices. We also offer a full fitting service, so, rest assured, your car will be in good hands if you have to leave it with us. If you are a trade customer looking to regularly buy from us, good news, you will enjoy amazing deals. Please note that we have various types of automatic gearboxes, ranging from the early 3 speed to the latest technology, and we can also rebuild an automatic transmission.

Before we change gearbox parts in Rochdale, we can run a full diagnostic service on your vehicle first and check all the issues your car is experiencing. To make a booking, contact Tameside Transmissions. Please note that we use only genuine parts, and we will be glad to answer any questions that you have, and we are always happy to match your best local quote!