For Professional Clutch Repairs in Birkenhead, Choose the Professionals

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Clutch Repairs in BirkenheadWhen looking for reliable clutch repairs in Birkenhead, consider a few key factors. Factors such as experience, quality, customer care and local approval set the best service providers apart. Quality technicians go beyond the call of duty to ensure their customers are satisfied. A good quality garage should have the capacity to do a holistic check on your car. Clutch problems are often the result of other failures in your vehicle. These include brakes, engine and gearbox problems. Your mechanics should seek the root cause of your clutch problem rather than doing a quick fix. Without identifying the underlying problems in your car, you can cause more damage.

We started our service centre in Manchester more than 20 years ago. In Birkenhead, our clutch repairs are second to none. Our mechanics are among the best in the industry. We regard our customers highly and strive to meet all their expectations. We specialise in the maintenance and repair of vehicle transmission systems. Our team boasts a collective experience of more than 40 years in the industry. Apart from in-house repairs we also recondition gearboxes for fitting and supply all over the UK. We can guarantee that ours are the most competitive prices available. We are also open to match your best local quote where necessary.

Our garage has been doing clutch repairs in Birkenhead since its establishment in 1994. We are now expanding our facility to have ten ramps. The extra ramps will enable us to work faster and offer same day clutch and gearbox return on most vehicle models we repair. As a testament to our quality, we offer full 12 months plus warranty on our clutches. Contact Tameside Transmissions today for more information about our rates and services. Our well-trained staff is always ready to answer all your questions. Also, we can collect and deliver your vehicle if you can’t bring it to us. We strive to maintain our ethos of quality and loyalty to all. This ethos enables us to treat all our customers like royalty.