Expertly Completed Repairs to your Automatic Gearbox in Dukinfield

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Automatic Gearbox in DukinfieldFor repairs to your automatic gearbox in Dukinfield, it’s best to seek out specialist professionals. At Tameside Transmissions, our mechanics pool together 40 years of experience that covers the whole range of transmission components. We repair, replace and rebuild with confidence in our expertise and guaranteed customer satisfaction. So when you feel your automatic transmission starting to slip or make noise, don’t wait to call us. The sooner you call the better. Nobody wants to pay for a new transmission, especially when it’s in a car with high miles. If you don’t tear it up by continuing to drive it after you know somethings wrong, we likely can save it. You could just need a couple of replacement parts. 

We specialise in transmissions and all associated components. In Dukinfield, automatic gearbox problems should be handled by specialists. We don’t change your oil, replace your tyres, or update your engine’s computer software. You shouldn’t take your transmission repair to those who do. They’re the best at what they do and we’re the best at what we do. We are equipped to repair even older 3-speed automatics. We’re also equipped with the latest technology to troubleshoot and diagnose late model cars with sophisticated software. If we can’t repair your transmission we may be able to rebuild it. If not, we can replace it with a rebuild which saves you a lot of money over replacing it with a whole new unit.

Customers sometimes ask us how long their automatic gearbox in Dukinfield should last. With proper manufacturer recommended maintenance and service, a conservative driver could get 150,000 to 200,00 miles out of their transmission. What tears them up is hard driving and inexperienced mechanics. If you’re going to beat your transmission at least bring it to us so you have a chance of salvaging it. Contact us with any questions or concerns about your transmissions performance. Bring your car in and we’ll check your transmission over for any possible trouble. If you have a high mileage car that you’re not ready to give up but the transmission is bad, bring it to us. Perhaps we can rebuild it for you or replace it with another rebuild. Don’t worry; we’ll take care of you.