Expert Automatic Gearbox in Dukinfield Repairs or Replacement by the Professionals

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Automatic Gearbox in Dukinfield When you need repairs, servicing or maintenance of your automatic gearbox in Dukinfield, get in touch with the experts. At Tameside Transmission, we specialise in clutch and gearbox repairs. As one of the leading names in this sector in the Manchester region, we have more than two decades’ experience. As top-quality transmission gear mechanics, our team of technicians are highly trained, experienced professionals who match the best of industry standards. We can handle any make and model of vehicle, automatic and manual transmission gearboxes and clutch, differential and axles.

For clients in Dukinfield, automatic gearbox is a feature that has become increasingly common. Earlier it was available only in high-end vehicles, but today you can see it in cars across all price segments. Though it is termed “automatic” it doesn’t mean that this is a clutch-less gearbox. Instead, the process involves gear changes without the need to engage the clutch. There are two major parts in this system: the hydraulic actuator system and electronic control unit that facilitates the transmission by engaging and disengaging the clutch during gear shift. One of the main advantages of automatic gearshift is the ease of use. Drivers don’t have to manually shift gears while driving. This is very useful in city driving, where there is a constant need to slow down, stop and go. Because the driver can keep both hands on the wheel in automatic shift, it leads to safer and more stable driving.

Signs that you may need repairs or servicing of automatic gearbox in Dukinfield should not be ignored. If you hear clunking, buzzing, grinding or bushing noises, get a burning smell, or find leakage of transmission fluid, it’s important to visit your garage immediately. Our technicians can quickly locate and identify the problem and ensure that it is fixed. When you need assistance with your automatic gearbox, contact Tameside Transmission. Experienced drivers feel that driving a vehicle that has manual gearshift is more fun and they have better control over the vehicle. These are matters of individual preference.