DSG Repairs in Oldham, Expertly Completed by Our Professional Team

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DSG Repairs in OldhamWhen you need to ensure expert DSG repairs in Oldham, contact the specialists. The Tameside Transmission team draws on more than four decades of combined experience to bring you state of the art facilities. We keep our focus clearly on professionalism, quality and affordable costs. This is what our clients across the Manchester region and beyond value about us. When it comes to manual or automatic transmission, differential axle repairs, 4×4 vehicles, specialist and high performance gearboxes, motorhome and commercial gearboxes, we’re second to none. Our newest facility caters to larger vehicles, motorhomes and commercial vehicles. This expands our client base and our expertise even further afield.

It is important to note that in Oldham, DSG repairs must be undertaken only by well-trained and experienced technicians. The DSG (Differential Shift Gearbox) is  generally installed in European vehicles such as Audi and VW among others. These are an innovation in passenger vehicle transmissions. They combine the best of manual and automatic shifting, along with a double clutch, and are operated by computers and servo motors. It relies heavily on electronics. This feature helps to speed up gear changes and offers faster shifts.  As this is a highly sophisticated piece of equipment, it needs a higher level of servicing. Very complex diagnostics and scan tools must be used. At our facility, we have the right tools, equipment, experience and knowledge to handle this work. We keep our knowledge and equipment regularly updated to give you the latest advantages in this field.

It’s also important that DSG repairs in Oldham must be carried out promptly. This helps to prevent further damage and more expensive and complicated repairs. Regular oil changes are essential to keep this intricate system in top gear. Contaminated or dirty oil makes the gearbox overheat and may cause the clutches to burn out. Regular servicing helps to extend the life of the transmission, improve overall performance and keeps your warranty valid. As a result, you can experience safer driving, with consistent performance and cleaner emissions. Contact Tameside Transmissions if you need assistance with DSG repairs. You can rely on us for top quality repairs.