Clutch Replacements in Dukinfield

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Clutch Replacements in DukinfieldThe cost of clutch replacements in Dukinfield can be expensive and covers a broad price range depending on the vehicle. At Tameside Transmissions, high-performance cars and front-wheel-drive cars are at the higher end of the price spectrum. Clutch replacement involves replacing the clutch disk, release and pilot bearing and flywheel. It can be labour intensive just accessing the clutch parts because we often must remove the transmission and in some rare instances, we have to remove the engine. If we have to remove the transmission, then fluids have to be replaced and likely the freeze plugs and seals. We have to factor in new parts. The reason clutch replacement is one of the more expensive replacements is because it’s a lot of work.

At Tameside Transmissions we are experts in clutches and gears having been well established for 24 years. For customers in Dukinfield, clutch replacements at our facility mean you get the benefit of our forty years of experience and technicians who have been with us no less than 14 years; some more. We can save you money on clutch replacements. We’re independent and that alone saves you money over what dealers charge. In addition, we are very good at what we do and we offer reconditioned clutches which comes with a 12-month warranty. That too will save you money. We can often replace a clutch with either new or reconditioned parts in one day. You probably can’t move the car so we offer a collection service.

Trust us for clutch replacements in Dukinfield for the most experienced and dedicated technicians at the lowest price. Contact us at the first sign of trouble. You may notice clutch stutter or noise and those are signs you should not ignore. If we catch it soon enough we might be able to make repairs. We know we can beat anybody’s price, like for like but more importantly, you get professional service you can depend on. You will be extending the life of your vehicle. Call in and let’s talk about the age of your car and which options work best for you. We’ll keep your car running at top performance and safety levels. Our trade customers enjoy a generous discount.