Clutch Replacement in Denton is Professional and Efficient

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Clutch Replacement in Denton If you need a clutch replacement in Denton for your car, bring it to us. A clutch in working order is necessary. However, as with all parts of a vehicle, it can wear out and need replacing. If your car is displaying signs like difficulty in shifting gears, or there are odd noises when you depress the clutch, these could be signs that the clutch needs replacing. Other signs include the ability to rev the engine, but little or no acceleration, and a ‘slipping’ clutch. We are experts in clutch replacements as well as gearboxes and diffs. As an independent and local garage, we are your number one choice for clutch replacements.

Our prices are competitive, and we can provide a quote for the work. Hence, in Denton, clutch replacement can occur as soon as you bring your car to us. We are also happy to match your local competitive quote. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of quality transmission services that address both manual and automatic gearbox issues. This also includes diffs, clutches, axles, gearbox parts and van gearboxes. At our Droylsden workshop is where we have our clutch rebuilding and fitting facility. There you will find service ramps, ensuring a fast turnaround time for most jobs. In addition, we also supply all the necessary clutch parts, even for high performing vehicles. All the clutches we provide have a full warranty.

Clutch replacement in Denton at our facility is fast and efficient. We have 10 ramps that allow us to provide a quick turnaround for all work including clutch replacements. Furthermore, we supply both new and reconditioned clutch replacements. As there are multiple parts to a clutch, we can often make repairs. If your clutch fails while you are on the road, give us a call. We will send a recovery vehicle to tow your car into our garage. Contact Tameside Transmissions today for more about our clutch replacements. We offer a full 12 month plus warranty on reconditioned gearboxes and clutches. There is no need to worry if your vehicle’s clutch needs replacing – simply contact the experts for assistance.