Clutch Repairs in Hyde

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Clutch Repairs in HydeYour car likely needs clutch repairs in Hyde if it continuously slips out of gear or seems to jerk forward when you drive for no apparent reason. Another indication that you will need to take your car in to have it looked at is if you find it difficult to press the clutch down or if the clutch seems to get stuck close to the floor. Without the clutch, you will not be able to change the gears of your car.

If you notice a burning paper smell when you are driving in Hyde, clutch repairs may be necessary. While the problem is often caused by excessive wear from driving in slow moving traffic, it would be sensible to take in the car to a garage, especially if you notice smoke with the smell. Tameside Transmissions should be your first choice for any clutch or gearbox repairs. We have been established for more than 20 years and can draw on more than 40 years’ combined experience as transmission mechanics! As soon as you notice a problem with your car’s clutch, give us a ring and schedule a time for us to have a look at it. We also offer a same day clutch fitting service. If your clutch needs more than a few adjustments, we are happy to replace it. All our replacement clutches have a full warranty.

For professionally completed clutch repairs in Hyde, contact Tameside Transmissions. Speak to us about an affordable quote – we won’t be beaten on price and our service is second to none. For your convenience, we offer a free online quote form so you can determine how much your clutch repairs will cost, without coming in to our garage. Our friendly mechanics can work on all makes and models of vehicles, and with our newly extended facilities, will have your vehicle clutch problems seen to in no time at all. Don’t let your car’s clutch become a larger problem and bring it to our garage for affordable and professional repairs.