BMW Automatic Gearbox Repair in Ashton under Lyne

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BMW Automatic Gearbox Repair in Ashton under LyneWhen you need BMW automatic gearbox repair in Ashton Under Lyne you are dealing with one of the most complicated parts of the car. What with solenoids, torque converters, one-way clutches, hydraulic fluid and gear sets, it’s a nightmare unless you know what you’re doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing we recommend you don’t tinker with it for fear you might compound your problem. Replacement can be pricey so you want to try for a repair at the first sign of trouble. You will know if the gearbox is acting up. There may be grinding or slippage or just a knowledge that something is not quite right. That is when you want to bring it to the professionals at Tameside Transmissions.

You may wonder why you would bring your car to us. We have the tools, the knowledge, 20 years of experience and ideal facilities. In Ashton under Lyne, BMW automatic gearbox repair should be undertaken only after a thorough inspection of the gearbox condition indicates the problem or problems. Once we know that for sure, then we explain the problem and the solution to you. We want you to know exactly what is going on with your car and be very clear about your options. Sometimes the repair is simple and other times it requires a complete rebuild of the gearbox. On rare occasions a new or rebuilt replacement is necessary. We do our own rebuilds right here at our garage.

It sometimes happens that you find yourself stranded because you need a BMW automatic gearbox repair in Ashton under Lyne. When that happens contact Tameside Transmissions and we can come and get your car and bring it in. We have expanded our facilities and now have ten additional ramps, some dedicated only to emergency repairs. Call us at the first sign of trouble or just to check your gearbox is working well. You can count on fast service because it’s in our name. Transmissions is what we do. It’s our speciality. Our prices are fair and our work is guaranteed.