BMW Automatic Gearbox Repair in Stockport

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BMW Automatic Gearbox Repair in StockportBMW automatic gearbox repair in Stockport can be very expensive if you take it to a dealership.  We have an experienced team of transmission specialists who can repair your BMW transmission quickly at a reasonable price.  You cannot drive your luxury vehicle when the gearbox becomes faulty and we offer a collection service for vehicles that cannot be driven at a small additional fee. Once the vehicle is at our facilities it will be allocated one of the 10 bays that allow us to work under the car.  The highly qualified technician will assess the problem and remove the gearbox for further inspection. Once we have determined the problem we can then offer a quotation and estimate the time it will take us to repair the transmission.

When you need help with your expensive German manufactured cars transmission in Stockport, BMW automatic gearbox repair will save you time and money. We have all the necessary tools to easily and efficiently remove the BMW gearbox with no waste of time.  BMW is a high-performance luxury car and needs experienced technicians to work on it.  Our technicians have over 40 years of combined experience on removing, repairing and replacing automatic and manual transmissions.  Gearboxes stop working efficiently when the gears wear through rubbing on each other over time.  Each transmission fault is different and it takes experience and knowledge to identify and remedy the problem. The gears that are damaged will be replaced with top quality spares and the gearbox reconditioned and refitted.  Once we have tested the gearbox we make sure the whole transmission or drive train is functioning correctly.

BMW automatic gearbox repair in Stockport is a specialised job.  Contact Tameside Transmissions today and let us check your vehicle’s gearbox for BMW automatic gearbox repair.  Often the first signs of trouble will be noise from the gearbox.  Do not ignore this as it is an indication that something is wrong.  It could be a bearing collapsing and if you leave it you may lose the whole gearbox.