Automatic Gearbox in Stockport

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Automatic Gearbox in StockportDon’t depend on a warning light to signal you with a problem in your automatic gearbox in Stockport. You will likely notice signs of trouble before the transmission fails completely. For instance, the engine winds out but there’s a pause before it jerks into a higher gear. Or, you pull out in front of another car and floor it but the oncoming car is on you because you can’t seem to get past 45 mph. You will probably hear an unusual noise, maybe high pitched, as the car shifts gears. If any of that is happening and a warning light comes on, your automatic gearbox is failing. Bring your car to Tameside Transmissions where we have specialist in automatic gearboxes.

Once you bring your car to us, using current diagnostic technology, we will check the code causing your yellow warning light to come on. In Stockport, automatic gearbox failure is identified with a code. We will know right away if it’s your gearbox and further diagnostics will pinpoint the failure.  Automatic gearboxes, unlike manual, have dozens of parts that have to work together in sync for the smooth shifting of gears. Some parts are hydraulic, others are electronic and still others are mechanical. That’s the reason it costs more to repair or replace an automatic gearbox than a manual. The more parts, the more that can go wrong.

On the plus side, an automatic gearbox in Stockport on late model cars may be factory warranted for 60,000 or even 100,000 miles. Contact Tameside Transmissions because we specialise in automatic gearboxes no matter the age of the car; old or new and everything in between. We’ve been doing this for 20 years and keeping current with changes as we go along. Tameside Automatics may have several options for you. We can install a new transmission or a rebuilt one for less money. Perhaps all you need is a Torque converter and we offer that new or remanufactured for less money.  We provide a warranty for all parts and workmanship. Ours is an independent garage so you can count on competitive pricing.