Worried about Your Vehicle’s Clutch in Salford? Rely on the Experts for Repairs

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Clutch in SalfordThe repair of your vehicle’s clutch in Salford should be completed by a specialist garage with experienced and skilled technicians. At our garage, our technicians have all been in our employ for over 15 years. This means our team is knowledgeable and experienced. With our well-equipped workshops specialising in rebuilding units, we can offer reconditioned units to vehicle owners needing a replacement clutch or gearbox.  This is the most economical method of replacing a badly damaged unit. We are equally capable of fitting a new part to the vehicle. If the clutch can be repaired, we will do so as speedily as possible.

Should you experience difficulty in changing gears, there could be a problem with the transmission in your car. In Salford, clutch repairs are part of our expertise. Oftentimes, the clutch is just worn and replacing this part is relatively quick to do. This is the most common cause of a vehicle’s clutch failure. The clutch works by wear and is designed to be replaced when it wears down. You’ll be pleased to know that this is not an expensive repair. A clutch plays a role by absorbing the huge torque between the engine and the gearbox.  Without a clutch, the gearbox would quickly strip the gears. The clutch allows the power from the engine to be gradually introduced to the gearbox so that the vehicle drives smoothly.

If your vehicle’s clutch in Salford needs attention, bring your car to the experts. For more details on how we can assist you, contact Tameside Transmissions today. You can find out how affordable our spare parts are. We keep a wide range of refurbished transmission parts including clutches, gearboxes and differentials. Our team has over 23 years of experience in repairing and fitting all makes and models of clutches and gearboxes for both manual and automatic. We now have 4 new ramps to our existing 6 ramps. This allows us to offer a same day clutch and gearbox service on most vehicles. We also sell reconditioned units all over the UK and offer a full 12-month warranty on these parts. As an independent and local garage, we offer our expert services at competitive prices.