Transmission Problems in Salford

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Transmission Problems in SalfordAttend to transmission problems in Salford ASAP or you could be making an expensive mistake. Tameside Transmissions can give you prompt service and maintenance advice to keep your vehicle in top gear. We are proud to be Manchester’s first choice for clutch and gearbox repairs and we offer a comprehensive range of gearbox and transmission repair services. We can assist you with manual and automatic transmission, van gearboxes, differentials, etc. and we also supply gearbox parts, axles, clutches etc for all the leading makes and models. Our facilities are adequate to take on a large number of vehicles simultaneously because we’ve recently added four extra ramps. With the present strength of ten ramps, we are glad to provide swift turnaround times for same-day clutch and gearbox repairs.

Our highly trained, experienced team of technicians can also give you the right advice and assistance. In Salford, transmission problems should never be ignored. Some of the common signs of issues with transmission include slipping of gears during driving. You may have noticed a whining noise or change of pitch in the sound of the engine. The vehicle may feel like it’s struggling to move, or not accelerating like it used to. Another common experience is difficulty in shifting gears, thuds or clunk sounds, ticking or clicking noises while shifting gears in manual transmission. Fluid leakage, delayed responsiveness and your transmission warning light flashing are other signs that should not be taken lightly. Powershift transmission systems may go into failsafe, default or “limp home” mode.

In the cold season, you could experience transmission problems in Salford. In more serious cases, you may notice a burning smell from the car. This is because of the overheating of transmission fluid. Low fluid levels or using the incorrect brand/type of fluid are the common reasons. If you don’t attend to this issue immediately, it can result in damage and breakdown of the entire transmission system. The costs of replacement can be very high. Should your vehicle be experiencing transmission problems, contact us today. Our technicians can identify and deal with transmission issues during regular servicing and maintenance. This saves you from incurring larger costs at a later stage.