Need Repairs for Your Vehicle’s Automatic Gearbox in Oldham?

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Automatic Gearbox in OldhamIt’s that subtle hesitation in your automatic gearbox in Oldham that is often the first sign of trouble. Your brain rejects it because you don’t want it to be true. Of course, that’s when you should get your car to Tameside Transmissions and have your gearbox checked out. Maybe the solution will be a simple one and inexpensive. Once done, you can drive with confidence and not worry if your transmission is going to fail you. One thing we know for sure, if your transmission is starting to fail, you ignore the signs at your own peril. They never repair themselves. The slippage that is so subtle now will become more pronounced. Winding out from second to third will take longer and longer.

Grinding and unusual noises is a sign that it’s almost over. In Oldham, automatic gearbox failure is imminent. That transmission is going to blow and it’s going to cost you plenty; maybe more than your car is worth. Hopefully your gearbox problem doesn’t progress to that level but even if it does, we can help you out. It’s our speciality at Tameside Transmissions and has been for twenty years. Our new facility is set up with 10 service ramps for quick service on gearbox and clutch fitting, repairing, and rebuilding. Our experience and expertise extends to most makes and models, even the older models. We are equipped with the latest diagnostic software. Our speciality extends to repair, rebuild or replace. As an independent garage, our prices are the lowest possible.

Keep your automatic gearbox in Oldham at peak performance with regular service checks at Tameside Transmissions. Worn parts should be replaced quickly to prevent further damage to the mechanism and fluid levels need to be monitored. While it’s true that the transmission fluid is sealed so should not need replacement very often, it should still be checked for leaks. When you reach higher mileage, get the transmission fluid changed; it may be sealed but it still gets dirty. Contact Tameside Transmissions for diagnostics, maintenance, repairs and complete automatic transmission rebuild. We guarantee our parts and service.