Manual Gearbox Repairs in Reddish

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Manual Gearbox Repairs in ReddishManual gearbox repairs in Reddish are available at your trusted local garage.  We specialise in fixing manual and automatic gearboxes as part of our wide range of services.  We deal with all aspects of transmissions including clutch repair and fitting and axle and differential repairs.  These are all parts of the drive train in any vehicle.  They transmit the power from the engine through to the wheels.  If any part of the drive train is damaged your vehicle will not be drivable.  If this is the case we have a car recovery service which will bring the afflicted car to our premises where our highly experienced technicians can examine it.

When your transmission is grating on your nerves in Reddish, manual gearbox repairs can be affordable depending on the amount of damage they have sustained. In some cases, the damage is so great and the number of parts needed to fix it would be prohibitive.  We can offer you a fully reconditioned gearbox at a far better price than anywhere else in the North West.  This is one of the reasons why we are supplies to garages all over the UK.  Our honest and trustworthy technicians will check your vehicle’s gearbox and offer you the most economical option.  If it costs less to repair the gearbox then we will make it good as new but if there are too many gears tripped beyond repair, a reconditioned gearbox is a cheaper option.

Manual gearbox repairs in Reddish are one option when your vehicle’s gearbox breaks down.  Contact Tameside Transmissions today and book your car in for an assessment.  We will check to see what damage has been done to the gearbox and offer you a quotation for its repair.  If we find that there is too much damage to make repair economically viable we will offer you alternatives. Our business has been running successfully for 20 years but our technicians have over 40 years of combined experience in quality transmission repairs. Our workshop has the facilities to rebuild gearboxes and clutches.