Manual Gearbox Repair in Birkenhead – Reliable and Affordable

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Manual Gearbox Repair in Birkenhead For reliable and affordable manual gearbox repair in Birkenhead, contact the specialists. Tameside Transmissions offers top quality repairs of transmission, automatic and manual gearboxes. As an independent local garage, we are glad to offer competitive pricing and premium quality services. We undertake repairs on all makes and models. With more than two decades’ experience in this sector, we are proud to be the first choice in the region for clutch and gearbox repairs. Our team of highly trained, qualified and experienced professionals brings to the table nearly 40 years’ combined experience. This is the foundation of our reputation in the  Manchester region and beyond.

We also offer fully reconditioned manual and automatic gearboxes for sale at attractive prices. These products come with a full warranty. In Birkenhead, manual gearbox repair costs can vary according to the type, make and model of vehicle. Some parts may be covered by the manufacturer warranty, based on the amount of mileage you’ve put in. Your driving style can also impact the wear and tear on your clutch and transmission. If you aren’t very skilled with your eye-hand coordination, it could chip the gear teeth or grind them down, leading to breakdown. Our fitting service is available to clients anywhere in the country, and trade customers can look forward to great discounts. Though manual gearboxes are slightly cheaper to repair than automatic ones, the costs can be quite high, based on the extent of damage.

If you get strange smells and whining, humming or clunking sounds it could be a sign that you need manual gearbox repair in Birkenhead. Other symptoms could be limited acceleration, the vehicle not going into gear, shuddering during start, shaking or grinding gear stick and more. It is important to bring your vehicle in to our garage as soon as you notice any of these signs. Contact Tameside Transmissions for more information and assistance. The manual gearbox is quite a complicated system that has a large number of moving parts. The average life-span can range between 150,000 to 200,000 miles. It is important to use the right type of gearbox fluid that has been manufacturer recommended.