Gearbox Repairs in Ardwick

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Gearbox repairs in ArdwickGearbox repairs in Ardwick are done in our workshop. We specialise in repairing manual and automatic gearboxes. We have opened a brand new facility which houses 10 ramps and allows us to increase the speed and efficiency of our service. Our workshop has ample gearbox and clutch fitting and rebuilding facilities. We offer a generous 12 month plus warranty on our reconditioned gearboxes and clutches. Our service is by far the most reasonably priced option when you have transmission problems. We prefer to repair as many units as possible as we feel that it is a waste to throw away units that can be repaired.

If your vehicle makes a grating noise when you change gear it could be the clutch or the gearbox. You need to bring it to us as soon as possible as using the vehicle in this condition will further damage the parts. In Ardwick, gearbox repairs can be affordable. If you are in a hurry or your gearbox is severely damaged we can offer a refurbished unit. We are often contacted by garages all over the UK looking for reconditioned gearboxes. We have a well deserved reputation for supplying high quality fully reconditioned units. We also repair clutches and differentials. If you need any drive train parts repaired we have the skill and the manpower to offer you affordable and rapid service.

Gearbox repairs in Ardwick can be necessary when your vehicle gets older. We specialise in all parts of the transmission train. This includes the clutch, gearbox, differentials and parts of the axle. Contact Tameside Transmissions today and let us examine your car. We have over 20 years of experience in the business but we draw on over 40 years combined experience from our technicians. We can collect your vehicle if it is too badly damaged to be driven. We take great pride in getting you back on the road as soon as possible and ensuring that your vehicle has been repaired to our very high standards.