Gearbox Parts in Salford

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Gearbox Parts in Salford Get premium-quality, genuine gearbox parts in Salford from the specialists. At Tameside Transmissions, we pride ourselves on our reputation for excellent quality, affordable pricing and our customer-centric approach. No matter how big or small your requirement, we’re glad to be of assistance. We have been in business for more than two decades and today, most of our business continues to come to us via recommendations from customers who have been 100% satisfied. Being a local business, we’re in sync with the prevailing business environment. Along with this, we give clients access to the best of trends, technologies and products available across international markets. We are proud to be the first choice in Manchester for clutch and manual/automatic gearbox repairs.

Our highly-trained technicians have a combined working experience for more than 40 years and we invest in continually upgrading their skills. In Salford, gearbox parts may be available at a number of garages, franchisees and main dealers. Many vehicle owners put all their trust in authorised dealers but they may find that they end up paying very high prices. They may not receive personalised services or find the technicians friendly and helpful. Independent garages and repair facilities offer better deals and they are not burdened by high overheads and branding costs. However, they may also not be very ethical and could pass off cheap parts or used ones on to unwary customers. That is why you need to do your research before you entrust your vehicle to a garage or repair facility. While looking for the right repair shop, check their credentials and reputation. Also ask about warranties, licenses and their facilities.

When you need gearbox parts in Salford or transmission repairs, don’t get quotes over the phone without the technicians having seen the vehicle. We give you detailed estimates based on real assessments. If you are looking for gearbox parts at excellent prices, contact Tameside Transmissions.  We use state of the art equipment and tools to ensure that any make and model of vehicle can be serviced.